Blends. With benefits.

    Eastern remedies for modern lifestyles.

    This is tea with purpose. With every herbal blend we have created, we keep the modern day person, health issue and taste in mind. Infuse balance back into your life.

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    Natural Herbs

    All natural, with no added flavourings or extracts. Each ingredient is carefully selected and combined for its healing properties, to ensure optimum therapeutic benefits in a great tasting tea.

    Chinese Medicine Recipes

    Our recipes are created from our own accredited Chinese Medicine Doctor Dr. Mandy Lee.


    Our tea bags are biodegradable and our pouches, wrapping paper and tissue paper are recyclable.

    I love the Morning Calm. I think it’s delish! I also tried it with a little honey and I really liked it. I found it also relaxed me quite a bit as well. Nausea was minimal. I really like the fact there are chunky pieces in the tea, unlike all the other loose leaf companies out there. Very different. Incoming loyal customer =)

    Natasha V.

    This tea (Zen Tea) works pretty well. My partner made me drink it while working from home. I found myself less worked up with my busy stressful job. It definitely calmed me down a notch.

    David N

    I just want to say that the quality of ingredients in the tea (Golden Month) is amazing! It is so fresh that you can definitely taste the difference and it makes you want to eat the ingredients afterwards too. The packaging makes it so convenient when it comes time to brew. Love that it’s all measured out and all you do is add water to boil. Thank you so much for making it easy to brew nutritious, quality teas with so much health benefits!

    Helen D.

    I love my Immunitea! I can't get enough of it. It really is the perfect blend.
    Generously sized tea bags packed full of goodness. I love the delicately balanced flavors. You can taste all the elements of this tea without it being too overpowering.
    Immunitea by day. Zen by night.
    Love your work Tea Element.

    Lincoln B.

    Our signature tea blends are crafted, hand blended and packed in Australia.

    Use our teas as a tool of self-care, so that you can take some time out to reset, recharge and bring your body back to optimum health. You'll be wondering all this time, what you were doing without Tea Element in your life!

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